Shipping Policy

Our Shipping Policy:

All order, unless otherwise stated, will be shipped within 1-3 Business Days after purchase. Depending on your location, shipping time can take anywhere between 3-5 Business Days after drop off. We only offer First Class Priority Shipping for easy checkout, as well as International First Class Priority Shipping for any orders outside the US.  We use the most reliable shipping service , USPS, and are not held responsible for any misconduct on their end. 

Back Orders:

All purchases made are taken from our Warehouse stock. We allow ourselves 1-3 Business Days after purchase to Manufacture each order. Any Purchase made for backorder will clearly state “Back Order.” This means we sold out of the current product, and are waiting for a restock. 

  • Restock time will vary for each product, please check product page for exact Date.
  • Restock will only be supplied for Specific Pieces, DO NOT count on restock for every product.

Pre Orders: 

Pre Orders will be offered on Special occasions. Purchasing a Pre Orders locks in your spot for a piece we are planning on releasing. Pre Orders release on Specified dates and are not available at the time of purchase. 

  • If you purchased a Pre Order, your item will be shipped on the day of the Release. 

Order Status:

You can check your order status anytime at the “My Account” page. Here you can find your order details, tracking number, and a Return Option. Be sure to check your emails, as you will also be receiving notifications on the status of your order. 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us by e-mailing